Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

hey everyone!
thanks for all the bday shoutouts and everything. so i got my new companion elder retamozo this week from lima peru. hes not a greeenie, but has 11 months in the mission. ill have to wait to have my kid in the mission ha..but already this week our companionship has struggled a ton, and ive ahad alot of problems with the stuff he pulls..we had a good talk last night though and i think we sorted alot of it out, but i can already tell that this is going to be a long six weeks. im definitely alot more grateful for my past companieros that ive had now though. if nothing else, im going to learn a whole bunch of patience this change. on a brighter note though, we went to hanchipacha again, and it was pretty sweet! we got to ride through the mountains on the semi again and it was just as cool as the first time. we went to teach the other members of the same family but when we got there they were working in their farms, so we just helped them for a couple of hours..its in the pics. it was a ton of work, and i cant believe just how hard these people work! were still working hard with all our investigators, and some of them are really continuing to progress which is amazing. not much else, but it keeps raining a ton here, and i think im going to have to buy some boots or something so i dont trash my shoes..thanks again everyone for the great emails, and please pray for me that i can have the patience to get through this change!
with all my love, 
Elder Anderson!

Cody working in the fields with his investigators

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