Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 1, 2011

Hey evyone!
I hope eveyone had a great christmas, and enjoyed he hollidy season. i had a good one here, but its really nothing special in the mission and especially in peru because they celebrate it like its a big party nothing else..oh and with  ton of fireworks..but it was really nice talking to everyone, and it was definitely the best part of my christmas! oh and i got your package grandma so thanks a ton! ive been snacking on all the goodies this week and its been great. thanks for the pics of the family and he lttters from everyone was really cool to get those! as far as the missionary work, its really difficult right now in pitumarca. schools out now, and pretty much everyone lft to go work in diferent cities, including a ton of our investigators that were progressing good. were pretty much starting from scratch. plus everyones working in their farms all morning long and isnt in their homes so we cant really contact them during the day..the plan now is to just help them in their farms in the mornings and then teach them in the afternoon. basically im going to become a farmer out here in pitumarca. the pictures with the machete were from a project we did where we cut up a tree into firewood. it was prety fun actually i thought..not much else though, we´ve just been trying to figue out a way to work more effectively since all our investigators left...i cant email until next monday the 10th i think so ill talk to you all then! i might get the chacnce to email monday though, im not sure so i talk to ou whenever i can! love you all! 
Elder Anderson

This is a straw house that they just found while walking around

Cutting up firewood for an investigator

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