Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Hey Everyone!
we had an absolutely amazing week here in pitumarca! first of all, president calderon came to pitumarca to dedicate the city. it was awesome! we drove up this hill so we could see all of the city, and then he said a prayer to basically bless all the people here that they can prosper and grow in the gospel! it was a reallly neat exprience and i definitely think the prayer workd because we´ve had more success since. when president came this week i was really neat because it was the first time where i really got to talk with him and get to know him. he is really cool and was able to give me some great advice for being out in the mission field. plus weve been working hard and been doing what we need to do so he was pretty happy with us. i think he has alot more trust in me now which is nice too. this week is the week of changes, and my companion has a change so it looks like ill be getting a new one tomrow night. i dont know who itll be yet, but rumor going around is that im going to train a greenie! that actually kinda of scares me, bcause thats a ton of responsibility and im not sure if im quite ready for that after only 3 changes, but i guess ill find out tomorw. it would be neat at the same time though to be able to show someone the ropes and help them to learn all the important stuff in the mission. as i said before, we are having some success now in piumarca, and are really finding and teaching some great people. we have one couple, atuar and rosmeri that absolutely blow my mind with how much theyve changed in 2 weeks! two weeks ago they were on the verge of breaking up, and he was going to leave her and they have a kid and evrything. after only 2 weks of coming to church and learning about the gospel they are one of the happiest families ive ever seen, and they cant smiling! the story of how they came to want the missionaries help is absolutely amazing too, but unfortunately i dont have time to wrie it all. after the mission ill fill you all in..but im happy to say they now have plans to get married in February so ill keep you updated with them..oh and as you can see in the pics, yes im taller than the doors here! it really stinks too because ive nailed my head on just about all of them! if you see me walk through doors bent over when i get back now you know why...oh and as far as packags go i called the guy and he said its not to big of a deal if i get more than ten but he said just dont go too crazy..anyways thats all i got for this week, but i love you all and im doing great..thanks for the support! 
Elder Anderson
This is Cody's backyard and that small building in the back is where they have church

This is Cody's mission president 

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