Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hey Everyone!
so theres a new rule where we only have 30 minutes to write, which really stinks cuz its like im racing to write you but it is what it is..so if you have questions and stuff ill get to them the next week, cuz theres not time to read and write, just write. so as you all know im in pitumarca still, but ive been assigned to be a district leader which is something new. this means that im in charge of 6 missionaries. i give training every wednesday too, and if they have any problems im the one who has to find the solutions basically. i wasnt expecting this responsibility, but i do like it. its alot of fun to be involved in the work of more missionarys and to be able to help them. its alot more responsibility too, but its cool because i really like giving training in the meetings and stuff. As far as the work in pitumarca though, its going really good. we have found some good people that are progressing, and we are helping a couple people prepare themselves to be baptized. hopefully we´ll be able to get them prepared for this saturday.anyways love you all and miss you a ton! 
Elder Anderson

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey everyone!
So it was another good week here in pitumarca, but definitely had some up and downs. the down was that our baptism fell through cuz the girls parents werent able to come, but we rescheduled it for this week so i hope everything works out this time. oh and as a shocker im staying in pitumarca for another change. everyone thought and told me that i was getting a change but it looks like thats not the case. im excited to stay in pitumarca for another 6 weeks though, because we should have some more success this change and a couple people are already planning on getting baptized so itll be nice to be there to take part of them! theres one guy edgar who is super excited to get baptized too, and is having some pressure from his family who doesnt want him to be baptized, so we are going to work hard with him so he doesnt loose his desires and can accomplish his goal! I definitely wasnt expecting to stay here again, but with all the stuff going on in pitumarca its pretty exciting and will be neat to take part in it. for example we are changing houses, and also we are reduing a giant room that was a store so that it can be the new church here. it will be a million times better, and i think alot more people will come because of it! anyways ill let you know how everything goes next monday and i hope you like the pics from this week.
love you all! 
Elder Anderson!

Don't ask me why he is wearing a Utah hat when he clearly knows I go to BYU :b

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hey Everyone!
So today was another great week here in pitumarca and we got a ton of work done and found a bunch of great new families which was really nice. we are finding a lot of great people right now, and alot of them seem pretty excited to get baptized. the only thing that kinda stunk about this week was that we had to look for a new house the whole week. the owner came back from another city and wants her house back, so we have to give it back ha. we spent a ton of time looking for a house, because theres not really too many that have everything we need, but eventually we found one, so we can concentrate completely in the work now which is nice. something cool about this week though is that sunday was their presidential elections so as missionaries we had to stay in our room and couldnt leave, so i got to catch up on all the sleep ive missed. anyways, everything is going great here for me, and were planning to have another baptism here saturday, so it should be another great week..it might be my last one too so i got to make the best of it..oh and the pics are from when we went to the waterfalls today. it was pretty cool except for when i fell in and got my shoes all wet haha.
love you all! 
Elder Anderson! 

hey ill send the pics next week my computer stinks..

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!
So this week id have to say was even better than the last! we basically werent in pitumarca for the whole week, because we had interviews with president in sicuani, and then trainng inn sicuani, and then i had a lidership training in cusco cuz im training my companion, and then we had General Conference. I learned soooo much from all the training and from conference it was crazy, and i feel like im alot better of missionary now because of it. so the whole weekend of conference turned out to be awesome...we ended up renting two buses instead of 1, because so many people came, it was around 45 people total from pitumarca this weekend, and many of them assisted every session. they cant even speak spanish alot of them, but still they went to listen to the words of the prohpet and his apostles. it was pretty much the first conference for all of them too, so we did every thing we could so that they could have an awesome experience. they all stayed with members in sicuani and ate with them too, so it was a really great experience for all of them, and especialy the ones investigating the church! PLUS, after the first session sunday, winseslao got baptized, and it was really cool cuz the room was overfilled with members that came to watch. it reminded me of my baptism and how many of you guys came to watch and support me! plus i was super stoked because my kid in the mission got the chance to baptize in his first change...i was a pretty proud dad haha. anyways this week was amazing, and all the hard work that me and my companion are doing is really paying off..these are probably my last two weeks in pitumarca, so i really am going to do everything to make the best of them..
thanks for all the love and support, 
Elder Anderson!!