Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey Everyone! 
SO this week i had the best experience of my mission by far! this saturday we had 2 baptisms in a tiny city about an hour and a half from pitumarca called Anchipacha. to get there though we had to ride on a big semi with an open truck bed, but the coolest part was that we rode on the roof of it strapped in with our backpacks!!! its in the pics..but we cruised thru the peruvian mountains on top of this truck, and it was the most beautiful coolest experience of my life..then when we got to this city it was just all open farm land with huge green mountains and a few houses..after the baptism interviews we went to the river right next to their house and built a dam so we could enough water to baptize! it was a ton of fun, and afterwards it turned out really you can see in the pictures the baptisms were absolutely beautiful, and it was amazing to get the chance to baptize Jose there. the water was freezing but it was definitely worth it and honestly i didnt even feel the cold much because it was sooooo spiritual..jose and his dad ciprian are oficially the newest members of pitumarca, and should be great leaders of the church far as farming goes we didnt get the chance to do anymore this week because we were busy, but we´ll probably do some more this week. right now theyre planting seeds so its alot of moving dirt with tools that are from 2000 years ago..i still have called to see if its 10 packages in the calendar year or in just a year yet though sorry but go ahead and send them dad and ill call the guy tomorow. ive gotit in my agenda to do. well that was my amazing experience for the week so now i got to get back to work so i can have some more! love you all and appreciate the great emails! Love Elder Anderson!!! oh and to the lunas..thanks for the christmas card! the family is looking great! make sure to tell trey to eat more though haha! i havent even seen a person that skinny here in peru!
Elder Anderson

They had to build a dam so that they could get the water high enough to baptize them

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