Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!
I cant believe that Im done. I cant believe how many amazing experiences that ive had and how many changes that ive made in my life. I feel sad that im leaving, but extremely happy for what ive done out here and the amazing people that i have been able to help bring to Christ. This last week was incredible and i feel really good that i kept working until the very last minute of my mission. Both of the baptisms went through this last Saturday, and I was just trying to hold back my tears the whole time as i heard their testimonies and realized that this was the last time that id get to do it in the mission. Last night they threw me a going away party in our pension(where we eat), and it was incredible. Alot of people from the ward came and shared with me how i helped them in this time that ive been here and how grateful they were. when it was my turn i just broke down in tears and did the best i could to share with them what ive learned and how amazing that the gospel truly is. Im going to miss these people so much that it hurts to know that im leaving. I feel like Im leaving home once again and am going to some foreign place to start a new life but just that this time the foreign place is my house. I think I learned this week that the hardest part of the mission is going home. In a couple of days theyre going to take my name tag off and tell me that im no longer a missionary, but these people and experiences will always be in my heart and Im never going to stop living the things that ive learned here. I dont know what i have ahead of me now, but i know that everything i do needs to be done with the help of the Lord. Im excited to see everyone again and to start looking for that special person to start a family of my own. I have taught people for 2 years what they need to do to have a beautiful family, and now im ready to do it myself. what more can i say about these two years. My English is too poor to really describe myself how i would like to lol. I just want to say thanks to everyone that has helped me to come out here and make all these incredible changes in my life. you guys have no idea how much youve helped me. I still remember to this day comments that ive heard people say about their missions that have helped me stay strong and obedient even through the hardest times. I love all of you and my family more than ever. I love my savior Jesus Christ and his amazing sacrifice that he did for me. I cant believe how merciful that Him and my Heavenly Father have been with me and how many blessings that theyve given me. I dont know how else i can thank them apart from continuing on with the work that ive done here and continuing to apply the Atonement to my own life. I hope that everyone can feel what ive felt out here and know that God exists and loves you more than you even understand. The gospel or teachings of Jesus Christ, allow us to live with Him again and to have joy in this life. It is truly the remedy for the brokenhearted. I share my mission with you all in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

July 16, 2012

This week was incredible, and i cant believe that the mission still keeps getting better! I had some incredible things happen, truly miracles, but you´ll have to wait to hear about them in my homecoming talk Sunday the 29th...The only bad thing about this week was that i got my camera stolen and now i have no idea how im going to take pics of my last week!!!! Im going to try and borrow someones camera but if not ill just have to have a good memory lol. This is officially the last week of my mission, and i plan on working as hard as i can to make it a memorable one. I cant think of anything better than finishing the mission baptizing a couple of the people that i have grown to love so much! Love You Guys! Elder Anderson

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hey Everyone,
This week was awesome, and we had alot of awesome stuff happen. Something sweet is that we created a Missionary Training Center program for the members of our zone, and now its become a part of the missionary plan in every stake, ward, and district in the mission. ITs awesome because everyones saying that its really helping the work alot, and everyones more excited to work. The mission is getting better and better every day, and Im just trying to soak in every moment that i can before i go. How do i summarize two years of amazing experiences lol? Anyways I love you guys and will see you all soon! Check out my blog( http://eldercodyanderson.blogspot.com/ to know when im having my homecoming and all that so you can come. Absoluetly everyone is invited and id love to have you there! Love Elder Anderson 

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hey Everyone!
This week was sweet, but definitely one of the craziest ones of my mission. We had a bunch of different things going on in the zone so i was literaly working in different sectors every day. It was sweeeeet though because there was a new missionary that arrived a couple of weeks ago that wasnt talking and was having alot of problems and we were able to help him a ton! Hes talking now and teaching and joking around and everything and is pumped to be in the mission. the sad thing is that my companion is going to have a change within the zone to go help him though, so im going to get a new companion tomorow for the last 3 weeks of my mission lol. the crazy thing to is that its going to be Elder Santamaria from Colombia who was already my companion in Quillabamba. Crazy but cool ha. Anyways, everyhting is going great and we are just working really hard like always. Ive had a ton of amazing experiences but just dont have time to write them ha! Thanks for all the support everyone! I love you guys! oh and if you want to know about my homecoming information you can call my mom(Trisha) 6028181311 and she´ll fill you in! Have a great week! Love Elder Anderson

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey Everyone!
The picture is of an actividad that there was in the other Stake of Cusco that i got to go to and where I saw my old bishop from Santiago and my convert with her kid! Its been exactly a year since i had seeen them, but it was awesome to see that they are doing so great! My convert even told me that shes all spiritual now which was awesome haha! Everything is going great here really and im really just enjoying every day. Our stake president came and talked to the whole zone today and then our mission president so it was really sweet. The mission seems to just get better every day, and im starting to see that ive developed alot of great habits that im going to take home with me. The stake president today told us that every single family that comes to him with problems or is thinking about getting a divorce had stopped doing the basic things like praying and reading the scriptures every day. Its amazing to see how much the little things affect us in this life, but thanks to the mission i know that if i always do them that ill be okay and will have a happy family. anyways, i just thought id share that with you all! Love you guys! Elder Anderson. oh and my new companion is Elder Coti from Guatemala and is a really cool guy. We are getting along great, and the time is truly flying!!!!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Hey Everyone!
This week was awesome, and we had an awesome baptism! Albert went through a ton of changes in this last month to be able to be baptized, and it was definitely one of the most suprising and at the same time amazing things that ive seen. It came to the point where we thought that he wasnt going to be able to make the changes, and i think that even when we were about to give up on him, the Lord touched his heart and helped him to do it. Im truly amazed by what happened, and it just goes to show that the Lord really does have all power and can help whatever person make whatever change. I learned this week that nobody is tooooo lost to come back to the right path and to get to know their Savior Jesus Christ. 
Also, I found out that I´m getting home at 11:55 am on July 26th. I forgot my flight number but im flying by Delta Airlines and will be coming from Atlanta Georgia. Everyones invited thatd like to go! If youd like any more information just let me know. Love you guys! Elder Anderson. Oh and i hope that you like the pics of the baptism and of the BBQ that we had with President Calderon for Father´s Day. And happy Father´s day to everyone as well!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Hey Everyone!
This week was amazing, and we had another baptism that was sweet
because it brought a family together and really helped them a ton. We
found out yesterday though that my companion Elder Parra has a change
which sucks. We seriously had the best change together and became best
friends. It looks like hes going to be the new assistant though for
all the success that weve had and how amazing he is which is sweet
because he´ll help the mission a ton. It just stinks cuz i wanted to
finish the mission with him but i guess that im just happy that he had
a change and not me because I love this sector and we should have alot
of success this next change. Its weird to think that this is my last
change and that im finishing the mission, but it hasnt really hit me
yet and i hope that it doesnt until i get home ha! Love you guys!
Elder Anderson!