Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hey Everyone! 
Im glad to say that things have improved with my companion a ton, and although were not the best of friends weveboth made some compromises to get along better. im learning alot from actually, and especially in the category of patience..everything is going good though in pitumarca, and we are eving having some success. we have 2 couples that are going to get baptized here and are very excited for it. one of them is getting baptized the 19th, and the other one is waiting until may 23rd because theyre getting married and then baptized! its alot of fun to be able to help them with their goals, and although i probably wont be here in may its really special to help them prepare. oh and thanks for the money everyone for christmas, because i got a sweet new camera, and the pictures are clearer than ever! i have to shrink them to send them, but i hope they come out good for you as well. I thought of a couple things i could use this week and if you could send them in the next package thatd be great...a couple big ziplock baggies, and an umbrella that folds up really small to put in my backpack. thats all though, and im not in a hurry or anything so just in the next package whenever you send it. thanks!!! thats pretty much all i have to say though this week, not much really happend besides working to help the people prepare for their baptisms and matrimonios. we rented a sweet artiicial soccer field to play on today so im pretty pumped for that..ill send pics next you all and hope youre doing great!!! 
Love Elder Anderson!

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