Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

hey everyone! 
So i dont have any awesome stories about riding through the mountains in peru on a semi this week, but it was still a really good week for the work. like i said a couple of weeks ago, pretty much all of our investigators left pitumarca for a couple of months, but this week with the help of the members weve got some new awesome investigators. were teaching 3 couples right now that are all really interested. 2 of them arent married but are living together and have a kid, and are going through some hard times. weve taught them a couple times though, and now they are coming to church and starting to turn their lives around...its really cool to witness their progress. yesterday was a great day at church too, because the chapel was completely full of people, with 11 of them being investigators! i gave one of the talks too, and it went amazing. i didnt even realize it while i was talking, but i had no problems with my spanish in the talk, and i can finally talk in spanish without having to think of what im going to say. tomorow our mission president is coming to pitumarca because its growing soo much and that we are having progress. hes going to dedicate the city and stuff which should be not exactly sure what dedicating a city consists of but ill let yoiu guys know next week..not much else new to say though here. im doing great and enjoying my time here in peru a ton! im glad you guys got my letters, but im sorry yours got ripped dad! i love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Anderson
This is where Cody lives. Notice how he is taller than the doors haha :b

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