Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

hey everyone! 
thanks for the great emails! they were fun to for me i have some new news thats really know how i said i was staying in espinar for christmas..well i got a change. im oficially in pitumarca now which is a group of people about a fourth of the size of espinar. the church is new here, and there is only 33 members..well 34 now with the baptism of rut that we had yesterday..our house here has an extra room, and that is the chapel! it fits about 40 people max, and is known as a house chapel. the members that we have are really excited to work, and if we work really hard here we can become a branch and maybe build a chapel! it is absolutely amazing here and is the coolest place ive probly ever been, and let alone lived. it still rains alot and stuff here but its alright cuz we have the gear we need. the pics i sent are of a baptism we had here in the river! it was amazing, and were looking at having lots more here in pitumarca. i have a new companero elder cañi from peru. he has the same time as me in the mission which is crazy, but we work really hard together which is awesome and i think that we´ll have some good success together. im going to call the 24th to give you a heads up at what time ill call and stuff on the 25th..tomorw were going to cusco for a christmas dinner and stuff so that should be a ton of fun...oh and yes i got your package mom and it was amazing thanks! the sweatshirt is perfect too because its really warm. i got a letter from bro and sis lake and everyone too so thanks guys! dont have much else but just getting started here in pitumarca! im looking forward to talking on the phone! love you all! 
Elder Anderson!

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