Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2011

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for all the Bday shoutouts! I cant believe how many there were ha! Anyways, my bday was absolutely amazing, and was one of the best ones that ive ever had. i got my dads package just in time, so we ended up eating bbq chicken for lunch which was absolutely delicious!! The rest of the day we just worked normally and everything went really well and i got the chance to do 2 baptismal interviews which was really cool! Then for dinner my pensionista and her daughter made home made pizza and made me a delicious jello icecream cake!! it was awesome!! id send pictures, but my usb just got a virus when i put it in the computer, and now im just worried that im going to lose all my pictures...hope not!!! Anyways, it was an amazing bday and it was really cool just because weve been working so hard and have really been receiving alot of blessing for doing it. Even though im so far away from home, i got the chance to spend my bday with people i love doing things i love so it was really cool. The next one ill get to spend with all of you though whichll be cool! Anyways, something else cool about this week is that we just found out that we were the zone of exelence here in Quillabamba! That was pretty cool, and it looks like we're going to be able to do it again next month if we keep working hard. anyways, i love you all and appreciate the support! 
Love Elder Anderson!

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