Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 6, 2012

Hey Everyone,
This week was another good one. it was the week of changes, but only 2 had missionaries in the zone had changes and me and my companion are going to be together again which is sweet. Its pretty much the same zone which is cool because its going to allow us to just keep working and not fall back. There have been several problems in the zone though actually even though we did so well last change, and now we are going back to the basics to be able to work out that problems and stuff. anyways im doing good and am glad to say that i got my usb fixed and saved my pictures so i hope you enjoy! The sign on the tree says, ¨Be an honest person and youll live happily, steal and you will die hung, beat and burned.¨ just thought that was cool ha..
Love you guys..Elder Anderson.

A birthday tradition in Peru is to smash eggs over the person's head and then pour powder over them lol

The sign says "Be an honest person and you'll live happily, steal and you will die hung, beat, and burned"

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