Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012 (Happy New Year!)

Hey everyone!
So this was a really great week, and new years was alot of fun! We got the whole zone together and made chicken tacos!!! There are 3 missionarys in the zone from Guatemala and new how to do the tortillas from scratch and everything and plus i had some taco sauce from Macayos that my mom sent me so it was sweet! plus our mission president stopped by earlier that day to say hi to us and give us some sparklers so we lit those. it felt kinda lame though because all around us people were lighting off giant fireworks! i heard those are legal now in Arizona some im sure that was pretty fun for you guys. oh and i got a new companion this week. His name is Elder Cardenas, and hes from Lima, peru. He is a really cool guy and I feel really lucky to have him as my companion. we get along amazingly and are already starting to have alot of success here just because we are being so obedient and working so hard. I have a good feeling about what we are going to accomplish here in Quillabamba as a zone this change. oh and also there is a new package guy here in the mission office so from now on you have to send the packages to Elder Hans Abraham Aguilar Jara. I know thats alot to write lol. Anyways, we are just starting a new change here in Quillabamba and im looking forward to everything that
we have ahead of us.
 Love you all.
ELder Anderson

Making tacos for New Years!

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