Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Hey Everyone!
Not much time to write but i hope that you liked the pics last week of Mandor and that you like the pics this week of Siete Tinajas. i know that we already went there last change, but alot of new missionaries are here and wanted to go, and plus there was more water so it was cooler. its always nice to get some more pics for the photo album. anyways, we have been working our butts off and have had some amazingly spiritual experiences. plus, we have been working extremely hard with the zone and it is looking like we could be the zone of execelence this month if we complete our goal for this next week of baptisms. not that its a competition, but it always feels good to be recognized for the hard work that you do. anyways, im doing good and i really appreciate all the bday shoutouts. i cant believe that im going to be 21 this week! I send pics of the little party that were going to have in our pension. 
Love you All! 
Elder Anderson! 

oh and i got your package sandy! thank you soo much and im looking forward to the cookies! oh and i got your bday card so thanks!!! my package from you is still in Cusco though! and thanks to everyone that has put money on my card!!!!! it has helped a tooonnnn! 

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