Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!
So this week id have to say was even better than the last! we basically werent in pitumarca for the whole week, because we had interviews with president in sicuani, and then trainng inn sicuani, and then i had a lidership training in cusco cuz im training my companion, and then we had General Conference. I learned soooo much from all the training and from conference it was crazy, and i feel like im alot better of missionary now because of it. so the whole weekend of conference turned out to be awesome...we ended up renting two buses instead of 1, because so many people came, it was around 45 people total from pitumarca this weekend, and many of them assisted every session. they cant even speak spanish alot of them, but still they went to listen to the words of the prohpet and his apostles. it was pretty much the first conference for all of them too, so we did every thing we could so that they could have an awesome experience. they all stayed with members in sicuani and ate with them too, so it was a really great experience for all of them, and especialy the ones investigating the church! PLUS, after the first session sunday, winseslao got baptized, and it was really cool cuz the room was overfilled with members that came to watch. it reminded me of my baptism and how many of you guys came to watch and support me! plus i was super stoked because my kid in the mission got the chance to baptize in his first change...i was a pretty proud dad haha. anyways this week was amazing, and all the hard work that me and my companion are doing is really paying off..these are probably my last two weeks in pitumarca, so i really am going to do everything to make the best of them..
thanks for all the love and support, 
Elder Anderson!!

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