Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey everyone!
So it was another good week here in pitumarca, but definitely had some up and downs. the down was that our baptism fell through cuz the girls parents werent able to come, but we rescheduled it for this week so i hope everything works out this time. oh and as a shocker im staying in pitumarca for another change. everyone thought and told me that i was getting a change but it looks like thats not the case. im excited to stay in pitumarca for another 6 weeks though, because we should have some more success this change and a couple people are already planning on getting baptized so itll be nice to be there to take part of them! theres one guy edgar who is super excited to get baptized too, and is having some pressure from his family who doesnt want him to be baptized, so we are going to work hard with him so he doesnt loose his desires and can accomplish his goal! I definitely wasnt expecting to stay here again, but with all the stuff going on in pitumarca its pretty exciting and will be neat to take part in it. for example we are changing houses, and also we are reduing a giant room that was a store so that it can be the new church here. it will be a million times better, and i think alot more people will come because of it! anyways ill let you know how everything goes next monday and i hope you like the pics from this week.
love you all! 
Elder Anderson!

Don't ask me why he is wearing a Utah hat when he clearly knows I go to BYU :b

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