Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hey Everyone!
So today was another great week here in pitumarca and we got a ton of work done and found a bunch of great new families which was really nice. we are finding a lot of great people right now, and alot of them seem pretty excited to get baptized. the only thing that kinda stunk about this week was that we had to look for a new house the whole week. the owner came back from another city and wants her house back, so we have to give it back ha. we spent a ton of time looking for a house, because theres not really too many that have everything we need, but eventually we found one, so we can concentrate completely in the work now which is nice. something cool about this week though is that sunday was their presidential elections so as missionaries we had to stay in our room and couldnt leave, so i got to catch up on all the sleep ive missed. anyways, everything is going great here for me, and were planning to have another baptism here saturday, so it should be another great might be my last one too so i got to make the best of it..oh and the pics are from when we went to the waterfalls today. it was pretty cool except for when i fell in and got my shoes all wet haha.
love you all! 
Elder Anderson! 

hey ill send the pics next week my computer stinks..

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