Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey Everyone! 
So this week went pretty good, and we made a really cool trip to visit a family that lives in a tiny city called pucutuni. This guy came to church the last sunday, and so we told him that we could go visit him and his family and share a message with them. everyone told us that it was only an hours hike to go to this pueblito but it turned out to be alot longer. as you can see in the pictures, we were climbing straight up the mountains, and we ended up arriving in over 3 hours. it didnt matter much though, because the experience was one that ill pretty much never have again, and it was a beautiful sight all the way up. especially from the top though. that city you see wayyyy at the bottom of the mountains is pitumarca by the way just to show you how far we climbed...the pic of just me. when we got there him and all his family was waiting for us in their little house of mud with a straw roof wayy smaller than a bedroom in the US. they were a family extremely humble, and live off their own food that they grow. the literally dont have money or anything, but somehow get by and are extremely happy. their house is in the middle of nowhere, so its just them. Its a lifestyle that i had no idea even existed before the mission. The invited us to eat some of the potatos that they grew, and they were really good. afterwards we shared a message with them and started running down the mountain because we ran out of light.  my legs were killing me, my companion fell in the mud, i lost my hymn book, but all in all it was one of the best experiences of my life. our trip wasnt in vain either, becasue the guy made the long trip to pitumarca just to come to church. we are renting a bus in pitumarca next weekend too, so everyone from pitumarca can go to general conference in sicuani and all of their family is going to come. it really makes me think of how good we have it in the US, and how much stuff we take for granted. sometimes we dont want to get ready for church or we dont want to drive the 2 minutes to the chapel, but theres people in other parts of the world that hike mountains for over 4 hours just to come.  this week and this experience has humbled me like never before, and im just thankful for my heavenly father and for everyone of you guys for helping me come out in the mission and to live these experiences. 
Until next week,
 Elder Anderson

Cody and his companion in Pucutuni

It took them over 3 hours to make the trip to this little hut in the middle of nowhere but Cody said it was completely worth it.

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