Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011

Hey Everyone!
so theres a new rule where we only have 30 minutes to write, which really stinks cuz its like im racing to write you but it is what it is..so if you have questions and stuff ill get to them the next week, cuz theres not time to read and write, just write. so as you all know im in pitumarca still, but ive been assigned to be a district leader which is something new. this means that im in charge of 6 missionaries. i give training every wednesday too, and if they have any problems im the one who has to find the solutions basically. i wasnt expecting this responsibility, but i do like it. its alot of fun to be involved in the work of more missionarys and to be able to help them. its alot more responsibility too, but its cool because i really like giving training in the meetings and stuff. As far as the work in pitumarca though, its going really good. we have found some good people that are progressing, and we are helping a couple people prepare themselves to be baptized. hopefully we´ll be able to get them prepared for this saturday.anyways love you all and miss you a ton! 
Elder Anderson

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