Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

hey everyone!
so today was a really great week for us..we worked super hard, and saw alot of results! we even helped edgar and justina get baptized this week which was awesome! they passed through alot to be able to be baptized, and because of it their baptisms were super spiritual! both of their families didnt want them to be baptized at first, but after we talked to them and prayed for them the entire week they finally allowed it. it looked like they were never going to be able to be baptized, but literally in the last moment they were able to. ive never prayed harder than i did this week for someone else, and it just goes to show that when we are focused in the lords work and are really worried for his children that he blesses us with what we need. this week with their two baptisms really were miracles, and i learned some things that im never going to forget. im really learning how to work by the spirit here in the mission, and we are working extremely well as a companionship. if we keep this up we really should have alot more success here in pitumarca this change. just for a side note on the week...i ate guinea pig intestines this week!!!! that was oficially the grossest thing ive ever eaten lol! just so you know too its really chewy and tastes awful, but the worst part is that you have to chew it for like 5 minutes. i was basically swallowing it without chewing though, because i couldnt handle it. oh and i got your letter fat guy..thanks for the support and words of encouragement! oh also i got your letter sis lake and lacey and nellie..thanks a ton cuz it was awesome! well not much else this week, but im calling this sunday for mothers day! i think we can call saturday too to let you know what time ill be calling sunday so ill talk to you then! love you all and thanks a ton for the support!! 
Love Elder Anderson!

Newest members in Pitumarca: Edgar and Justina 

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