Monday, December 6, 2010

November 29, 2010

hey everyone!
So this week was really mazing for me and i had some really cool experiences!! first off dad i got your package and thank you soo much! it truly was amazing and i think ive gained a few pounds this week cuz ive been snacking every second of the day! oh and you asked aout my debit account, and its through chase..but just to let you know dad and mom your going to have letters coming for christmas because i just dont have alot of time to write before that. its not too far away though! and i cant think of anything else i need here though so i guess just surprise me..anything is great! but this week was amazing because we had our first two baptisms on saturday! Josefa and yessica..i baptized josefa who is the older lady in the pics and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! all together there was 5 baptisms on saturday, and there literally wasnt room in the baptism room for everyone to watch..the whole ward was there practically, and the support they gave the new converts was amazing! The baptism really helped to inspire me even more, and it was awesome getting the chance the oportunity to help someone find the gospel and to get the opportunity to baptize really makes me want to go out and work hard everyday, because the happiness those converts now is so much stronger than before, and even though weve had to walk around espinar all day everyday and had tons of up and downs, it was all worth it when they were baptized..ill work as hard as i need to to be able to have people experience what these people have this week! all together this week was amazing and my desire to do this work has grown soo much. the blessings that the gospel brings to families is incredible. Im doing great here in espinar everyone and thanks again for your support! i love you all! 

Elder Anderson
Cody's Baptisms!!

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