Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010

Hey everyone!

Sorry im a day late but the internet was down yesterday, and then the power went out so it was a little bit of a rough day..but im back now. i put the pics of the house on so ow you all can see where im living..but this week my companion was pretty sick so it was a rough week, but we had some good success and happy to say that were going to have our first 2 baptisms this saturday! we met with both of them and theyre both really excited too! we just have a little left to teach them before this saturday and their interviews is all..oh and im happy to say that the english class is growing and we had a pretty good group there this wednesday and even some investigators..alot of people are getting to know the church through the class so it's really neat..this week were expecting alot more people so im excited for tomorow. tomorow everyone wants to learn how to pray in english so thatll be cool. oh and im not sure what day is thanksgiving exactly becaus they don celebrate it here but happy thanksgiving everyone! oh and i received a package that the other missionaries have for me so ill get it today! im not sure who its from i just heard its huge so im excited haha..not much else though just working hard and learning a bunch! i love you all and thanks for the support!
Elder Anderson

This must be Halloween??

More Halloween...I hope :b

This is Cody's house in Espinar
His bed

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