Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

hey everyone!
I had another good week here in the mission, and just to answer some ofthe questions you really doesnt get too hot here because of the altitude. we wear sweatshirts in the morning cuz its a little cold but in the afternoons its perfect. i think were at something like 11 thousand feet but im not too sure..i just know its too high for trees to grow here..oh and just contact solution for soft lenses will work. im pretty sure any brand works..but i know of one for sure is renu. oh and i have a question for everyone too. a girl here had her whole body lock up and was freezing cold so their family was wondering what its called and how to treat it because they cant really afford to go to the hospital..its only happend twice in here life, but her fists were clenched and she was freezing..shes beter now but her family just wants to know..oh and janet your new car is awesome by the way!! i really like the color and everything. it looks really fast too..oh and dad whats your home number for when i call for christmas? im pretty sure its cheaper for me to call the home phone. and mom do you still have the home phone?? just need to make sure before christmas. oh and aunt sandy what is your home address so i can eventually send you guys a letter? this week we just worked hard like always, and got some good new investigators..we have to peope planned for baptisms this saturday, so i hope that they´ll go through. the ward here in espinar is really struggling so were trying to help out the members alot right now. anyways i love you all and thanks for the support! until next week..

Elder Anderson!!

One of the member's dogs had 4 puppies!!

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