Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

hey everyone!

I had another good week here in espinar, but it is raining a ton!!! more than ive ever experienced in my life, and it is freezing cold too..i guess its going to rain like this everyday until march or april so ill get used to it eventually i guess. oh and we had changes in the mission this week, but i found out ill be here in espinar these next 6 weeks. its crazy that im already in my 3rd change! im sad to say that the baptisms didnt go through this saturday, but were making progress with alot of people and have to couples that want to get married and baptized for christmas! hopefully we´ll get them prepared in time..i found out though out of all the missions in south america though the mission cusco baptizes the least amount of persons..were working hard as a mission though to improve this statistic..oh and im super excited to call you guys on christmas! its only 12 days away! i found out i can call the 23rd though to conirm the time, so illcall then cuz im not really sure the time difference..oh but how do i call collect? i have no idea how...and for future packages ive found that the best things tosend food wise are things like nutrigrains and peanutbutter crackers..i can only eat so much chocolate ha but the kids here loved it because of course i shared a little. oh and the puppy in the pic was from one of the members..they had four puppies it was cool. not much else here, but were just gonna keep working hard to prepare these people for their baptisms! until next week! 

<Elder Anderson!

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