Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26, 2011

Hey everyone!
Im oficially in the zone of inti raymi which is here in Cusco! I was in the other stake before when i was here in Cusco, but now im oficially in the biggest strongest ward and stake out of the whole mission! It is such a blessing because more than 200 people attend church here, and all the members are really great and help us a ton! Im also in the ward of my mission president which is really cool too cuz we do Family Home Evenings with him and can invite our investigators! I got to share my testimony yesterday with everyone, and i tried as hard as i could to share with them just how much i love this work and just how ready i am to serve them. Im oficially in my last sector, and something inside me doesnt let me rest even a minute. I think its my testimony that has grown so much, because just the thought of having to stop doing this work is bringing tears to my eyes. i dont understand how a missionary could get lazy as he finishes the mission, but i do know that thats not going to happen with me. every day my testimony keeps getting stronger and my desire to do this work is incredibly strong. Im now zone leader of the biggest zone in the mission too, and after having its worth month every i think that we are all ready to go! Im trying to apply everything that ive learned in my mission, and even just in this first week weve already seen a ton of blessings and have had amazing experiences. I can already see that these three changes are going to be amazing, and that God needs me to give more than i ever have before. Sleeping doesnt really matter to me anymore because the work that we are doing here is wayyyy better. Ive practicaly forgoten about everything else and am just completly focused now, and It feels amazing. i cant wait to see what God has in store for me here!

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