Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 2, 2012

Hey Everyone!
Things have continued to go amazing, and the zone is really kicking butt right now. We are going to have one of the most amazing months ever here i think. we just have to keep working to find out. General Conference was amazing, and it motivated me even more to keep going. They even included Cusco which was awesome! This was by far the best conference for me i think just because my testimony has become stronger and i was actually eager to hear what the prophet and his apostles had to say. Before i was kind of just trying not to fall asleep and every once in awhile something caught my attention. Anyways, my sector here is really cool, and were really just trying to get to know all the members and work with them so we can have more success. This week should be great because one of the families that we are teaching is going to get married and baptized! Im really excited. OH and also one of the coolest things about this sector is that we have a gym below our house that we get to use every morning!!! After 20 months of pushups and backpack curls it is really amazing ha! Anywyas im doing great and love you all! Thanks for the support! ELder ANderson

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