Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

HEy Everyone!
so im oficially in my new sector which is in Cusco itself!! Its really awesome, and some wayyyyy different because i went from a small little pueblito to a huge city like cusco! to say the least, my first couple of days here i felt like George of the Jungle!! the work here seems to be really good though, and weve already found a couple of great families. they just opened our sector up too, so we are pretty much starting from scratch here. we didnt have church yesterday because it was their presidential elections, but i cant wait to attend (Nellie lol) in a big ward again and to get to know all the members. my companions name is elder junes, and he is only in his second change so im basically training him which is cool. hes a good guy and has been through alot in his life so its cool to get to know him. oh and hes 19 and is from cerro de pasco peru. also, im a district leader again, and am now in charge of 8 missionaries. its alot more work, and im usually up late talking on the phone with them helping them and stuff. anyways, im oficiallyu in cusco, and my area is called Santiago 2. oh and the pics finally worked so enjoy ha! 
love you all Elder Anderson!

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