Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

hey everyone!
So im glad to say that things are going alot better with my companion now, and although noones really sure what happened with him or why it happend hes doing really good. the work went excelent here in cusco too, and we should be having our first baptism this week. as far as the new area goes, the lady that cooks  for us is awesome and gives us a ton of food! its delicious too, so im really spoiled. im actually gaining weight too which is crazy, so ive got to start doing some more exercises now. our room is just alright and we dont have a shower yet, so the owner of the house is heating up water in pots so that i can already used to it though so its not a big deal. oh and today were going to tour alot of the turist places here so i should have some good pics next week.
love you all! Elder ANderson

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