Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Hey Everyone,
So this week went awesome and im glad to say that the wedding and their baptisms went really good. saturday was a day packed full of stuff. first, the couple had their wedding at 9 in the morning, then afterwards we went to sicuani and had their baptisms. it all went really good, and then we returned to pitumarca and had the recepcion with all the members of the church in pitumarca. it was an amazing experience, and one that i hope to have again in the mission. now i found out that i have a change to another place so i have to say bye to all the families that ive gotten to know which really stinks! i loved my time here in pitumarca though, and i learned so much here. im going to work really hard in my next area to apply everything that ive learned here, and to learn even more. next week ill let you know where im at. love you all! Elder Anderson! hey and sorry that there arnent pictures computer wouldnt load them!

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