Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

hey everyone,
so it was a good week here in cusco, but also a really weird one because my companion is passing some really weird stuff. he suffered from an accident when he was a kid and to make a long story short, a part of his brain doesnt work now, the part that retains info and stuff. anyways he has a lot of trouble remembering and memorizing things, but this week, thursday night his memory completely erased. he didnt remember hardly anything that has happend within the last year of his life. he didnt even know who i was when i walked in the room. anyways 2 days passed by like that, and now hes starting to remember again. the whole thing seems really sketchy though, and were thinking it all might be a big lie or that he might have some other kind of problem. ive just been trying to support him through everything though and be here for him until he gets all his examines done and they find out what the real problem is. this is something that ive never really heard of before and i really have no idea how to handle it, so its been a strange week. the only time ive ever heard of this is in the movie 50 first dates, but its another thing to live it. im pretty sure hes going to have some tests done this week though so i really hope they can help him get cured because hes an awesome person and is a great missionary. it makes me super sad because he is so excited to be here in the mission, but could posibly get sent home to recibe the help he needs. idk..this whole week just felt like i was living in a dream or something to be honest. anyways ya im doing good though and am healthy so dont worry about me. and as far as the work goes, were just going to keep working as much as possible with the time that we have. love elder anderson! ill send pics next week...

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