Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey Everyone,
so this week went really good, and  i had some cool experiences. as we were studying one morning we got a call from one of president calderon´s assistants and he let me know that he was in pitumarca with president and that they came to visit us, so we got the chance to work with them the whole day which was awesome. my companion worked with elder ruiz, the assistant, and i worked with president calderon the whole day which was amaaaazing! i learned a ton from working with him the whole day and the stuff that ive learned has already helped me a ton! he was really happy with the work we are doing too, and congratulated us a ton which was really nice. it was really fun being able to get to know him and all that too because hes a really cool guy and not that many missionarys have gotten the chance to work one on one with him. since he was really happy with the work that we are doing here he said that i might have  another change here so ill just wait and see. this week is really exciting too, because it is the week of the wedding of the couple here, and of their baptisms..anyways im doing good here and  loving all the stuff thats going on..thanks for all the support, and ill send more pics next week!   Love Elder Anderson

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