Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hey Everyone!
So i officially got my new companion this week, Elder Ccanto from lima Peru. He is awesome, and is a really hard worker which i like alot. He is new to the mission so i have the responsibility of helping learn how everything is in the mission, but he is awesome and is learning super fast. It was pretty funny cuz it was a pretty much culture shock for him to come here to pitumarca this week. this week in pitumarca was basically a big party for them called carnavales. every single day this last week basically everyone in pitumarca was partying and dancing and drinking and listening to the worst music ive ever heard in my life ha..needless to say, it made the missionary work pretty hard, but we did our best to visit those that we could, and to stay away from all the drunk people. the next week its all back to normal though so im excited for that, especially becasue theres people in pitumarca now, and alot of them are excited to share the gospel with their families. we found out that this week that theyre pushing to have pitumarca become a ward because its growing so fast and showing alot of promise, so that means that they would be building a chapel here pretty soon! itll still be awhile before we gfind out and stuff, but that would be awesome to come back in a year and a half to see an awesome new church! Well not much else here this week, but ill keep youll updated on life here in peru next week..
Love Elder Anderson!

Cody's new companion from Lima, Peru

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