Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

hey everyone!
So we found out the changes for the next six weeks, and im staying in pitumarca but my companion has a change to a city called puno. Im really excited to be able to stay in pitumarca for another six weeks, because we have found alot of great people that i didnt want to leave. im also glad to get a new companion and i just hope that i get one thats ready to work his butt off because we have so much work here to do that im really excited for. last night i was like a little kid that couldnt sleep the night before christmas because he was too excited to open presents. last night i was just so excited to have another change here and to be with all these people that i didnt go to sleep unteil 130 in the morning! somehow i still have energy today theough so thats good. things are going reallyu good in pitumarca now and have really turned around. not much more to say about this week,. but im really excited for this next change and have a realluy good feeling about it. ill let you know all about me new companion next week and how things started out. love you all and appreciate all the supporrt! 
Love Elder Anderson!! 
oh and please remember that the packages cant have more than like 50 dollars worth of stuff in them, because otherwise i found out that i have to pay a bunch of money to get it out of the post office...thanks!!

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