Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

hey everyone!
 So this week was pretty rough for me here in peru im not going to lie..  right now im sick, but worse than that is i have an skin infection or something. everyone thinks its from a spider  bite or something, but  i have more than 50 bug bites or something on my  body and that number is only growing everyday..dont worry though cuz im going to the doctor today to get it straightend  out. its been rough though cuz i cant sleep at night too cuz i itch too bad, and then i dont have much energy to do stuff durring the day. also, to answer your questions, it is raining a tooonnnn! it pretty much rains all day everyday , andi guess itll be this way until the end of may..not much good exciting stuff to share this week sorry, but im  realy just trying to recuperate my health first. i got your package dad so you dont have to worry that it got lost or anything. i havent opened it yet, but thanks a bunch, and i cant wait to  eaat all the goodies! i havent got your package yet sister luna but im sure  it wont be long ti l it gets here..sometimes stuff gets lost for a little while, but then it always seems to get here..oh and on packages they told me that they cant be worth a bunch of money, because then they have to  pay money to get them out.  basically to be safe they should have more than 50 to 75 dolars worth of stuff in them..i know all this package stuff is a big hassel so  sorry, i wish it was easier, but im thinking the best way to help me out here in peru is to just put money on my card or something. oh and we ate tacos this week, and it was the most delicious food i ve eaten for 7 months ha! thanks for sending the seasoning, and my companion and the lady that cooks for us said thanks too because they loved them! anyways i hope you all have a great week and  dont worry about  me too much, because ill be fine.  oh and guinea pig is a dark meat  that they serve without hair, that smells like skunk and tastes gross but they serve it more as a good with chicken ha! Until Next week.. Elder Anderson! hey forgot to sa y..the pics ar efrom machupitumarka which is like the mini machupichu only an hours walk from our house!!
Cody eating tacos. He said they were the most delicious food he's eaten in 7 months!

 This is Machupitumarka, like a mini Machupichu

He said this is only like an hours walk from where he lives

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