Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

Hey  Everyone! 
 So  i dont have to much to talk about this week, because this week was extremely hectic and we werent in pitumarca very much. we did divisions a co uple times, so i was working here in sicuani with another missionary a couple of  days. plus, it was stake conference saturday and sunday here, so we had to be here for that too..something different to say though is i ate guineah pig this week..ya that hamster rat thing. needless to say it did not tast anything like chicken and was very gross. the worst part is though is that it has an aweful smell. lucky there were enough peo ple to where i didnt have to eat that much though..the stake conference went really good, and the  talks were all amazing. im happy to say that we had about 20 people there too from  pitumarca, even though its more than an hour away! all the people in the pic with president was our group from pitumarca..oh and yes that lady is milking her baby in the pic lol. thats perfectly acceptable here  for some reason..ummm not really mch more to report cuz it was a crazy week with alot of traveling, but this next week we´ll be able to  stay in  pitumarca and work so im excited for that..i love you all and hope you have a great week! oh yah and happy valentines day everyone! oh ya and i thought  of some more stuff you can put in packages..those instant alfredo packets, and those flavored rice packets as well where they cook in like 10 minutes.. and hot chocolate packs, and some salsa if its possible to jar so that it doesnt go  bad for a couple of months..i miss spicy stuff lol. if its not possible no biggy, because its not like im dieng or anything, but just thought id ask..thanks a bunch everyone, and your packages from  b efore still havent got here, so i hope nothing happend to them..Love you all..
Elder Anderson!

They rented out this artificial soccer field to play on for p-day

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