Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Hey Everyone!
This week was amazing, and we had another baptism that was sweet
because it brought a family together and really helped them a ton. We
found out yesterday though that my companion Elder Parra has a change
which sucks. We seriously had the best change together and became best
friends. It looks like hes going to be the new assistant though for
all the success that weve had and how amazing he is which is sweet
because he´ll help the mission a ton. It just stinks cuz i wanted to
finish the mission with him but i guess that im just happy that he had
a change and not me because I love this sector and we should have alot
of success this next change. Its weird to think that this is my last
change and that im finishing the mission, but it hasnt really hit me
yet and i hope that it doesnt until i get home ha! Love you guys!
Elder Anderson!

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