Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Hey everyone!
Everything is going incredible, and i think that May is going to be the best month of my mission thus far! The Lord is really blessing me now for how hard ive worked these 21 months. oh and i have somtehting amazing to tell you guys that i just found out. Espinar was my first sector, and even though i was there 2 transfers, i only had 2 baptisms. i didnt really know how to work or anything like that so its understandable, but i just found out that one of those baptisms lead to over 50 and that they have now opended up a new family home group in Machupuente by Espinar!!!!!!!!! I have a good friend thats working there right now and he said that it is progressing like crazy!!! Anyways, just wanted to share that with everyone to show just how much can come from one person coming unto to Crist! The mission is amazing! the only thing that stinks right now is that the doctor and my mission president want me to wear an ugly goofy hat because i have skin problems from being in the sun my whole life..i was going to send a pic of how goofy i look in the hat but i forgot my camera. im taking some other medication though so i should bhe good in a couple of weeks...luckily its not affecting the work or anything though! love you all..Elder Anderson!

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