Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hey Everyone,
This week was exactly what i needed because i was kinda down the last couple of weeks for some things that had happened and stuff like that. Just to tell you one of them..the kids in the orphanage that we were teaching and one of them being my convert now have a new director there that is anti mormon and wont let us in and wont let the kids go to our church. they only have permission to go to the catholic church, and all of them are really sad and having their lives more messed up than they already were..its really frustrating, and its not looking like theres going to be progress there for awhile. also, one of the people that we baptized never got confirmed because well basically to make a long story short got baptized for the wrong reasons and kinda lied to us and got things confused which wasnt too fun of a situation to be in. It made me feel kinda like i made a mistake by trying to help her and stuff, but things are kinda getting better now, but we dont visit her anymore because we just cant..anyways, after all of that God blessed us with a visit from ELder Waddell, a General Authority, and it was amazing! I even got to participate in the meeting! IT was a 4 hour meeting, and before, Elder Waddell asked every missionary to prepare a 5 min talk for chapters 5, 6, 8, and 9 from Preach My Gospel. I worked really hard on my talks, even though there were a ton of missionaries there and probably wasnt going to get picked, but i said a prayer before hand and asked God to give my the chance to give one of my talks, and i felt like he was going to let me . after an hour, Elder Waddell  asked President Calderon to pick three missionaries to give talks that we all had to prepare, and after picking 2 other people first, he picked me without even looking at me like it was a spiritual impression. I knew that it was an answer to my prayers though. The crazy thing though, that made me really nervous was that we got to pick the chapter that we were going to share, but we couldnt repeat one that someone else did...and i was last! I had it in my mind to do chapter 5, and the first person picked chapter 5. I quickly switched to chapter 6, and ofcourse the second person picked chapter 6. i quickly switched to chapter 9 which talks about how to find people to teach, and i gave an experience that i had in Pitumarca that helped me to learn that we should apply all the principles in this chapter, but that we have to do it by the spirit. i then shared a scripture and finished with my testimony. although nervous, it came out good, and afterwards Elder Waddell pulled me aside and told me that i did a great job in the meeting and he was really impressed. I as blown away, and it made me feel really good because it helped me to realize that through all these struggles that im going through i really am making incredible changes in my life and am becoming the person that God wants me to be. This was an amazing experience for me, and it truly was a blessing from God. I keep struggling out here but keep getting lifted up in the hard times. sorry for not sharing everything with you guys, but sometimes when things are hard i just cant make myself write..ill try and do better though.
Love Elder Anderson

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