Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

ok so now ill fin you all in a little more on where i´m at and everything. Im in a city called Quillabamba and my sector of this city is called La Granja. Quillabamba is a district instead of a stake, because there arent enough members yet to become one. my sector is the best though, and our brach is really strong. every week there are normally 80 people at church, which is alot more than we had in Juliaca, and Juliaca was a ward. the other week here like 100 people came and i felt overwhelmed with having so many people to talk to and to get to know.  my apartment here is really legit too, and its probably the nicest one in all the mission so i got really lucky! its got all black tile and blue walls and a balcony and everything like you can see in the pics that i took this morning. its nice and big too which is nice because it gives me room to do workouts in the morning. we live there with 2 other missionarys, but it makes it more fun and its still not too crowded which is nice. my new pension, or place where i eat is amazing as well. we struggled in juliaca just to find a place to eat where they didnt give us chuño soup, but here the lady that cooks for us gives us delicious food and almost too much of it. after eating i can barely get up from the table but im working out alot so i dont get fat ha. something cool about this week was that we went to cusco again for the monthly zone leader meeting. we received alot of great new ideas for our zones and everything, and i got to see alot of ex companions and my buddies so it was fun. what was funny though is that i got altitude sickness after being here for only 2 weeks! i forgot that cusco is so high up lol! another cool thing about this week was the christmas devotional yesterday by the first presidency. it was really cool to think that everyone in the world was watching that at the same time, and that everyone could feel the same spirit. the christmas season is a little harder in the mission because it reminds me alot of friends and family and being home, but i just have to keep working and itll pass. this is my last christmas in the mission, which is crazy because that means that we´re starting a new year, and only halfway through the next year ill be heading home! wow how time flies! until that day when i arrive in the airport im going to keep working as hard as i can though and give my all because it really is fun to be out here having all of these amazing experiences and meeting so many amazing people. i love you all and hope that you have a great holiday season! 
Love Elder Anderson 

so its looking like i can only send one pic because the internet here is wayyyyyyy to week i guess

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