Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

Hey Everyone!
This week was pretty cool, because President Calderon came into to town and we all had interviews with him, and received some training as well. my interview with him was only like 5 min, but it was really powerfull and he promised me alot of great things and said that he feels like im going to be a really blessed person when i get back because of all the stuff im doing which really feels good. it helps me to keep going and working even though im exhausted alot of times, and i know that i just have to keep going at it for these last months. the training went well too, and seemed to get the whole zone pumped to work which was really cool. we went out to eat with president and his wife in a really nice restaurant here too, and he bought us a huge plate of different meats which was delicious. almost like Tucanos in Utah, but not quite ha...the only thing that i didnt like too much were the weird parts of the chicken lol. im not actually sure what i was chewing on but it was disgusting ha. anyways, the rest of the week went well, and we just keep working hard. we have 3 people with baptismal dates that are planning on getting baptized, and one of them is for this week so i hope it goes through. hes a kid named gabriel who is really really smart, and has actually given a talk in the sacrament meeting and everything even though hes not a member! anyways thats pretty much all here..its starting to get in to the christmas season here, but people dont get in to it too much which is kinda lame...were probably going to have some good dinners with some families though, so thatll be cool. 
until next week, Elder Anderson!

oh and how cool is the pic where we taught Percy outside of his house on the mountain?? we pulled all the couches outside and stuff to do it because it was too hot and smelly inside ha! where he lives is beautiful...

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