Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Hey everyone!
So this week  started out really rough like all of the other ones but sunday some miracles happened basically that i dont even know how to explain. some of them wouldnt sound like miracles to you guys or you probably wouldnt even understand them, but for me they were exactly what i needed and im happy again which is the best feeling ever. one of the amazing things that happend though, is that a 20 year old guy, Hyrum has become active in the church again, and all because we have become his friends and helped him out. this sunday though he invited us to some chicken sandwhiches and some fruit salads, and on the way he told us that he was seriously thinking about going on the mission. he is in the middle of studdies and work and a gf but told me that he feels like he needs to go. after all these weeks of being here thinking that i wasnt doing any good, i almost started crying right there in the street. i cant even explain how much happiness that brought to me, and how much it inspired me to keep going. the greatest part about how amazing sunday was for me is that i found out through an email that someone really dear to me was fasting for me. please dont stop fasting and praying for those that are in need, because the blessings do come, and they change lives. 
Love Elder Anderson

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