Monday, September 19, 2011

September 20, 2011

Hey Everyone!
This week started out really rough, but got alot better on the weekend which was nice. we had a stake conference this weekend which was really cool and inspiring, and the coolest part was that the session on sunday was broadcasted from Salt Lake, and we got to hear from Elder Christoferson and President Monson. there were alot of technical dificulties to say the least, but once they got it working it was really cool. we were actually able to find alot of great people this week too, and didnt get water thrown on us or anything which was nice! im not sure if i mentioned that before, but it wasnt exactly a great memory lol. anyways, we just keep on going here in Juliaca and i just keep trying to do the best i can. my companion is finishing his mission here in 2 weeks, so its pretty much a sure thing that ill be here for atleast one more change, just with a new companion. i havenbt really been taking pics so sorry because i know you all like to see them. hgopefully there will be some more picture worthy things this week..i love you all and really apreciated the emails this week because i know that its not to easy to find the time to write. and i like the nickname Cody Poki by the way. ive had the chance to see that movie a couple of times now ha and alot of these experiences kind of are similar.
¡¡¡¡CuĂ­dense muchĂ­simo!!!!

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