Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hey everyone,

so i ofiacially said goodbye to elder eggleston, and now have my new companion, elder chumley. and yes he´s another white companion, so thats pretty cool. he is from tennesse, and is a really cool guy. we already get along really well. he is finishing this change too, so he only has about 5 weeks of his mission left which is crazy. as far as the work in our sector though, its still really rough. we had one guy come to church this week though that is really interested, so we are going to keep working really hard with him, and keep trying to find other people to teach. so we had that really cool meeting with some big time leaders from the church in cusco this last week! it was.....Elder Andersen!! he came, along with Elder Halstrom from the seventy presidency, and also Elder Uceda and Elder Hooker, area seventies. it was an awesome meeting, and it was really cool getting to be around one of the Lord´s 12 apostles. it was really cool too, because i made a comment in one part, and when Elder Andersen saw my name tag, he got all excited and called me his son and stuff because we have basically the same last name..anyways the meeting went really good, and the week went alright, and now its back to work with my new companion. i hope that he has some new good ideas for our sector because im kinda you all.

Elder Anderson

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