Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hey Everyone,
so im not even going to lie, this was probably one of the hardest weeks of my life. ive never worked soooo much and seen practically no results and im just trying as hard as i can to not get too discouraged. our ward is soo weak here and theres just more problems than i can even count and even the people we had coming to church before like dont even want to come anymore cuz it was boring and stuff. i dont know what to do and i just feel like all my work is in vain sometimes. ive been studying and praying really hard for help but its just hard here and doesnt seem to be getting any  better. our one baptism that we were going to have fell through too, and yesterday was really really hard because we were for sure for sure that like 2 or 3 investigators were going to come to church, and we even went to their house to get them, but they didnt come. anyways im just struggling out here like crazy but i just keep telling myself that this will make me stronger one day. the one cool thing about last week though was that we went to a 500 year old catholic chapel in a place called lampa and i took some cool pics and saw some cool stuff. plus, below the church was like a dungeon with skeletons and stuff and i even picked up a skull and played with it ha..that was a first. anyways love you all and hope you have a great week. oh and just to answer some of your questions..we are kinda starting to get out of winter here which is nice because its not quite as cold, but everyones telling me that the wind is going to start picking up like crazy here which makes it even colder and stuff than winter, so theres just no winning. plus were not allowed to wear beanies or earmuffs or anything so my face has been getting pretty cold and stuff at night. i dont really need anything else though, maybe just some prayers for me to help me keep going..thanks! 
 Love Elder Anderson

500 year old Catholic Chapel

Yes, this is a real human skull

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