Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

so today was a crazy week and i had the blondest moment of my life! it was actually the blondest 5 days ha! my face was a little dry because of the weather, so i put this cream on my face that i thought was lotion, and i kept putting it on for 3 days because my skin kept getting drier and drier and i just thought it was the sun..then i looked at the bottle and realized it was shampoo!!! dumb i know..but then i switched to my other one that i was for sure was lotion, but ofcourse i didnt read it and for the next two days i was using conditioner as shampoo! even more dumb haha..but now my face is a big scab and its really embarrasing ha! its getting better now that im using lotion actually, well atleast i hope its but in a couple days i should be all peeled and ready to go! english class went well this week, and it was a ton of fun to teach english..we only had like 8 people in the class but were expecting more this for soccer here, its a ton of fun and we play every monday minus this last monday because we went to this place called hot waters in english..its in the pictures..but today were playing against the youth of the church so it should be a ton of fun. if we win they have to help us this week and if they win were going to help them strengthen their quorums. as for our house here in espinar, my companion and i have our own house all to ourselves! its really nice for peru, and the only bad thing is that our hot water doesnt work sometimes but were fixing that..ill take pics of it this week so you guys can see..oh and we eat with the same family for every meal here. theyre called our pension. except weve been have family home evenings with families everynight so we´ve been eating with them and the food is delicious! tonight were having pizza! we have a good amount of people that are progressing right now though, and we have two sure baptisms for nellie´s bday the 27th so hopefully they´ll work out cuz they never all the way sure. but i cant really think of much more i need for xmas cuz im not all sure what you guys sent yet..i just really need contact solution and a usb if yoou havent sent that already. maybe just some money on my card because then i can buy some more stuff to eat..oh and a pack of colored highlighters cuz i cant find them here..but this week had its up and downs over all but the ups were really high and i had some great experiences! i hope everyone is well and has a great week! 
Elder Anderson

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