Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

Hey Everyone!
This week was amazing!!!!!!! I found out that one of my investigators from Quillabamba that moved to Italia while i was there got baptized along with his wife!!!!! He had a ton of doubts while we were teaching him, but we were able to resolve alot of them before he left. It also helped that he was reading more than 500 pages a day about the church doctrine ha! I was able to give him a blessing the night before he left, and well i guess Ill share more about that in another moment with you guys because its really spiritual and personal to me. Its enough i think just to say that the mission has been the most amazing experience ever for me and that i feel truly grateful for getting the chance to be an instrument in the Lords hands. I know with all my heart that the Priesthood is real and that it is very powerful and sacred. Thanks to everyone that have helped me to become a member of this Church and that have helped me to go on the mission. ITs changed my life.

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