Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

This week was incredible!!! The whole week we were really just preparing the 8 people that got baptized this weekend! Their names are Hermelinda, Arturo, and the Sinchi family...Mariano and Berta, and 4 of their kids Juan Carlos, Yojaira, Nilton, and Rina Esther. Seeing the changes that theyve made in their lives was incredible, and it was awesome being able to be part of something so special. About 70 people went to the baptismal service, and now all the members are even more excited to help us in this work! The mission keeps getting better every day, and its amazing to see just how real and wonderful the Lords blessings are when we serve him with all our heart! There are many ways to find happiness in this life, but the joy that we all our searching only comes from keeping the commandments and serving the Lord. 
Love you all! 
Elder Anderson

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