Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hey Everyone!
So this was an absolutely great week for us here. we had interviews with president this week, and it was really nice talking with him and learning from him as well in some training that we had. president and i are getting to be really good friends which is awesome because before i felt like i didnt know him to well. he was really excited for what were doing here in juliaca too which made me feel great. last month we were able to triple the baptisms, and this month we should have even more! its really fun to be a part of the work here! something else really exciting to is that we are going to have 2 baptisms this week! its been foreeeeeever since ive had baptisms, and since there have been baptisms here in my sector, but im pumped for this weekend! plus it is an amazing family that is going to get baptized that we have been teaching for awhile so it really feels special for me to see their progress and reach this step. oh and this week at church 70 people attended about which is double the 35 when i first got here. i have struggled more than i ever have in my whole life here in Juliaca, and have probably never been lower, but now that i look back i just thank god for every one of those moments because now i see that i needed them.  anyways i can finally say that im doing good and am actually happy again which is really nice. oh and as far as stuff that i need theres not too much..just some random stuff thatd be nice though is some shaving cream because they dont really have it here, and a rubiks cube for one of my ex companions, and some candy ofcourse ha..that would be the most helpful of all i think lol. anyways i love you all and really apreciate everything that youre doing for me.
Elder Anderson

Cody and Elder Martin on a fake Lake Titicaca

Cody's new companion, Elder Farrell from Washington D.C., is sitting across from him

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