Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

So this week things got soooo much better here its not even funny! i got a great new companion and we are working amazingly and seeing some great results already. my new companion is elder farrell from washington dc, and yes hes another white guy..thats crazy because that almost never happens here. alot of missionaries are gettting jealous lol. anyways, im actually training him on how to be a zone leader and stuff because its his first change as zl. its alot of fun and he is really a hard worker and really obedient and everything so its awesome. we have people that are going to get baptized the 22nd of this month too which im pumped for because its been way too long. we went to cusco this week for training too, and president calderon was really happy with the work were doing here and congratulated me a ton for the work im doing, so that felt really good because i was kinda down about everything and he lifted me back up. even though we havent had much success in our own area though we have helped the zone to triple their baptisms! thats the good news, but we just need to keep working and weve set an even higher goal this month so i hope we can get it! 
love you all, elder anderson!

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