Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011 (Happy Independence Day!)

Hey Everyone!

So today was an amazing week. the bad part was that it was raining and freeeeeeeezing cold alllllll weeek, but we still had some amazing experiences. first of all, elder nash came and talked to the whole mission. he is one of the seventies of the church which is like a big time leader to say the least. he shared alot of stuff with us, and when he talked about the atonement of christ i was wanting to cry the whole time. it was an amazing experience to be able to be with him and shake his hand and take pics with him and everything. we werent planning on having baptisms this week, bnut saturday the coolest thing ever happend. we were teaching gods plan for us here in the earth to a family, and the daugters said they wanted to be baptized. we were planning on having their baptisms at the end of the month or something, but they told us, ¨no, we want to get baptized tomorow.¨ we quickly got them ready and had an amazing baptismal for them and one other kid that just turned eight, and it was amazing. like 70 people were there which was really cool, and all in all yesterday was one of the most spiritual days of my life. the 2 girls that got baptized too are amazing and are really excited to be members of the church. anyways ya it was a really great week, and somehow were already in the last week of changes so i let you know next week if anythings changed.
love elder anderson

Elder Nash from The Quorum of the Seventy!

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